Power Brick

The Renau PB-300 Series Power Brick is a Wi-Fi-enabled, programmable 4-zone AC power source with temperature and humidity sensor inputs that is remotely programmed and monitored from an intuitive mobile app designed for today’s most popular mobile devices.

Flexible, modular, and scalable, multiple Power Bricks can even be linked together to accommodate any size of environment or application, all controlled from one app. In addition to LED indicator lights on the Power Brick itself and detailed on-screen information when using a mobile app, users can also opt to receive SMS or e-mail alerts if an error is detected or a danger condition occurs while they are away from the unit. The Power Brick is ideal for virtually any environmental control and monitoring application!

The Power Brick also features:

  • 4x 120V 300W Power Outputs
  • 4x Temperature/Humidity Sensor Inputs
  • Patent-pending over current protection technology
  • Integrated Wi-Fi for mobile app and internet connectivity
  • Onboard Audio Buzzer
  • Operating Temperature: 0-80°C (32-176°F)

Dimensions: 7.58”W x 2.32”D x 1.95”H

Data Sheet