Renau's UCM-05 Universal Control Module has been specifically designed to be compact and extremely easy to use. Featuring a universal programmable menu and backlit alpha-numeric LCD display, the UCM-05 can easily hold numerous machine program functions, providing OEM's and equipment operators with the operational advantage of being able to use a single controller for all their needs. This eliminates the high inventory costs with having numerous, limited controllers that only work for a single product.

The UCM-05 also features:

  • 5 Push Buttons
  • 5 LEDs
  • 1 x 16x2 LCD Displays
  • Operating Temperature: 0-80°C (32-176°F)

Renau designed the UCM-05 around OEM needs for efficiency, product safety, user productivity, and durability. This includes accurate temperature controls to insure food safety, an easy interface that allows machine operators to save valuable time, and a fully encapsulated body to protect against harsh industrial environments.

Dimensions: 3.8"W x 2.6"H x 1.3"D

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