UCM-200 Series

The UCM-200 Universal Control Module Series is compatible with our Single Wire Communication network, offering unrivaled scalability and upgradeability while eliminating the need for expensive and complicated wiring harnesses.

Part of Renau's latest generation of display devices, the compact and intuitive UCM-200 is designed to interface with Renau's Single Wire Communication hybrid controllers and features:

  • Several Display Options (7-Segment LED, 14-Segment LED, 16x2 LCD, or OLED)
  • Several Interface Options (All Push Button, Push Buttons and Knob, or Push Buttons and Touch Wheel)
  • Onboard Buzzer
  • Operating Temperature: 0-80°C (32-176°F)

Designed specifically with the foodservice industry in mind, the UCM-200 Series is fully encapsulated for superior protection from humidity, extreme temperature, and shock.

Dimensions: 3.4"W x 4.3"H x 0.475"D

UCM-201 Drawings
UCM-202 Drawings
UCM-210 Drawings
UCM-211 Drawings
UCM-212 Drawings
UCM-220 Drawings
UCM-221 Drawings
UCM-222 Drawings

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