The Renau WFT-1000 self charging meat and food probe is perfect for tracking internal temperatures across multiple pieces of equipment.
The Renau Smart Kitchen System helps restaurant operators alleviate the kitchen labor shortage through management automation.
The cook timer plays a crucial role in food service. With mechanical and digital timer options, selecting the one right for your needs is equally important.
Renau provides foodservice equipment manufacturers with numerous touchscreen platforms.
Proper hold time and temperature is paramount to food quality and safety.
HACCP or "Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points" includes 7 principles and is a systematic and science based approach to identifying, evaluating, and controlling potential hazards that can affect food safety in various stages of food production.
Food Safety is paramount in foodservice.
The modular nature of Renau control platforms bring numerous advantages to foodservice equipment manufacturers.
Renau encapsulates all controls and modules.
NAFEM 2023
Renau IR-250 Infrared Temperature Sensor for foodservice and equipment.
2022 NRA Show
Renau Manufacturing Facility
Renau awarded gold medal by Department of Defense