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2.4" Touchscreen Walk-In Monitor and Control

CFCM-240 Cooler Freezer Control and Monitor Foodservice

Finally, a modular walk in monitor and control.

Renau’s CFCM-240 is a J Box style cooler/freezer walk in monitor AND control developed to cater to the needs of both foodservice equipment manufacturers and operators. Featuring a durable design with a vibrant 2.4″ touchscreen display based on our UCM-2024 Series, the CFCM provides an innovative yet simple interface that operators can easily navigate. The CFCM-240 is an integrated, full-feature device that condenses a great deal of power, functionality, reliability, and value into a compact package that can be installed effortlessly by a qualified technician in the field.


With dimensions comparable to the most common electrical junction boxes, the CFCM consolidates what would otherwise be scores of separate boards, sensors, and displays into one compact unit. Owing to its ability to monitor temperature in up to two zones, the CFCM is perfectly suited for environmental monitoring of walk ins both large, and small. One of the things that sets the CFCM apart from other offerings is it’s ability to detect and alert the user to failing temperature probes. By providing this feature operators are allowed valuable time to replace the probe before a potential disaster occurs. Meanwhile on the software side, operators are provided with configurable over/under alarms, as well as graphing and data logging.


As with all Renau products, modularity remains a key focus. Modularity such as additional external buzzers, a panic button, motion sensors, and remote connectivity with Renau Cloud. It is precisely this level of integration that sets the CFCM-240 apart from other current offerings.


Features Include:

  • Temperature monitoring for up to two zones
  • User programmable High/Low alarms
  • Door switch and alarm
  • External buzzer
  • Optional panic button and light with motion sensor
  • Temperature graphing and logging
  • Door heater support
  • Battery backup
  • Upgradeable to wireless connectivity with Renau Cloud
  • Industry leading 3 year warranty