Product Smart Kitchen System


Walk-In Monitor and Control

CFCM-240 Foodservice Cooler/Freezer Control and Monitor.

The first modular walk-in monitor AND control.

The Renau CFCM-240 is a modular cooler/freezer walk-in monitor and control. Featuring a durable design sporting a vibrant 2.4″ touchscreen display, the CFCM’s simple interface provides operators with easily recognizable status information and alerts. As a member of the Smart Kitchen System line of products, the CFCM is fully compatible with Renau Cloud. Pairing with Renau Cloud adds additional functionality such as wireless programming, monitoring, data logging, and email or SMS alerts. Along with wireless connectivity, the CFCM also includes all standard walk-in monitor features such as door switch support, high/low alarms, and battery backup.




The CFCM was designed to cater to the needs of both foodservice equipment manufacturers and kitchen operators alike. With support for all Renau control modules, the CFCM has the ability to act as a complete monitoring and control solution for commercial refrigeration equipment. Manufacturers simply connect the corresponding power control modules with the CFCM. Foodservice operators looking to get more out of their walk-in can also take advantage of the CFCM. With dimensions matching common electrical junction boxes, a certified technician can quickly and easily replace any existing walk-in monitor with the CFCM. By doing so, also bringing the option of wireless connectivity and logging.


Along with programmable high/low temperature and door alarms, the CFCM also has the ability to detect and alert operators to failing temperature probes. This provides operators with ample notice to replace probes BEFORE a potential disaster occurs.


As with all Renau products, modularity remains a key focus. The CFCM offers optional outputs for additional modules such as an external buzzer, panic button, motion sensor or door heater.


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Features Include:

  • Compatible with standard panic buttons, lights, door switches, motion sensors & door heaters
  • Temperature monitoring for up to two zones
  • Programmable high/low temperature alarms
  • External buzzer available
  • Temperature graphing and logging
  • Programmable conditional alerts
  • Optional USB port for data download & WIFI dongle
  • Probe failure detection
  • Battery backup
  • Renau Cloud compatible
  • Industry leading 3 year warranty

Designed & Manufactured in the USA.