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Infrared Temperature Sensor

Renau IR-250 Infrared Temperature Sensor for foodservice and equipment.

Infrared Temperature Sensor for Foodservice

Developed for use in foodservice, the Renau IR-250 Infrared Temperature Sensor provides contactless direct product, and ambient temperature readings through infrared. This not only offers a contactless alternative to handheld probes but also provides operators with constant temperature readings through a permanently mounted solution. Its compact size allows for mounting in areas such as the grill, merchandiser, prep table, and hot well. With modularity in mind, the IR-250 can be used by operators as an off the shelf solution or it can be incorporated into a control system for foodservice equipment. When incorporated in an equipment design, the IR-250 provides both temperature readings and control.


Interfacing with the Sensor Module, setup is easy and includes the ability to set conditional temperature alerts. Not only does this allow the Infrared Temperature Sensor  help guarantee fresh food, but also allows for it to be used as a diagnostic tool for equipment. As an example: low temperature alerts may indicate it’s time to check that the heating element is working properly. All of this data can be displayed on the Smart Kitchen System Hub and logged on Renau Cloud. Allowing for HACCP data to later be exported remotely when needed.

Contactless Temperature Monitoring for Hot/Cold Holding

When paired with the Smart Kitchen Timer, the IR-250 provides a complete time/temperature monitoring solution for food holding. Have confidence that your food is always held at the proper temperature, for the proper amount of time.

Help Ensure Proper Cook Temperature

Cooking equipment utilizing dial controls can often times be difficult to dial in properly. The IR-250 acts as an extension to said equipment and helps ensure that food is always cooked at the proper temperature. Allowing for unmatched quality control on a consistent basis.


Designed with the harsh commercial kitchen environment in mind, the IR-250 is fully encapsulated for outstanding protection against extreme temperatures, humidity, and grease. Call or email Renau today to inquire about the IR-250 Infrared Temperature Sensor!

Features Include:

  • Contactless temperature measurement
  • Ambient and direct temperature
  • Sensor Module, Smart Kitchen Timer & Renau Cloud compatible
  • Fully encapsulated
  • Operating temperature: -40° to 85° C (-40 to 185°F)

Designed and Manufactured in the USA.