Product Smart Kitchen System


Secure Access Point

Renau Gateway Secure Access Point for Sensor Modules.

Connect smarter with the Renau Smart Kitchen System

Most foodservice industry experts agree that Connected Kitchens are the way of the future. Connected equipment can help reduce waste, conserve energy, provide HAACP and diagnostic reporting, and improve operational efficiency. However, there are two major drawbacks that keep a connected kitchen out of reach for most operators: the large investment required to not only replace existing equipment with connected equipment, but then having to train employees on how to use it.

An easier and more economic route to a connected kitchen

The Smart Kitchen System allows operators to add wireless capability to existing equipment as desired. The Gateway acts as an access point between the Sensor Module to both the Smart Kitchen Timer, and Renau Cloud. Users simply connect the Gateway to a router, plug a probe or sensor into their Sensor Module, and pair with the Cloud. Once on Renau Cloud, users can monitor all their important equipment and parameters, and program conditional alerts sent via SMS, or email.


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Features Include:

  • Remote programming, monitoring, data collection, and alerts for Sensor Module
  • Quick and easy setup with QR code
  • Connectivity through Wi-Fi, ethernet, and LoRa
  • 2 USB ports
  • Endless future expandability

Designed and Manufactured in the USA.