Product Miscellaneous Modules


Pressure Transducer Module

Renau PTM-03 Foodservice Equipment Pressure Transducer Module. Air and Water Pressure Control and Monitor.

The PTM-03 Pressure Transducer Module was designed for foodservice applications required water or air pressure control and monitoring. With inputs for 2 pressure transducers, the PTM-03 is perfect for commercial kitchen equipment such as dishwashers, proofing ovens, and steamers.



As with all Renau modules, the PTM-03 is fully encapsulated for ultimate protection from the harsh commercial kitchen environment. Call or email Renau today to incorporate the PTM-03 Pressure Transducer Module into your next foodservice equipment design.

Patented Technology

The PTM-03 features patented Renau Single Wire Communication Network, which is not found anywhere else in the foodservice equipment industry.


Single Wire Communication provides equipment manufacturers with numerous benefits. Not only does it greatly reduce the complexity and cost of wiring harnesses, it also provides compatibility with all Renau display, power, and switching modules. This modularity allows for manufacturers to quickly and easily adapt the control system design to other equipment models which may have different power requirements or additional zones. This eliminates the need for different internal wiring, simplifies end product approval, and reduces inventory costs.


Features Include:

  • 2 x Pressure Transducer Inputs
  • Fully Encapsulated
  • Operating Temperature: 0-85˚C (32-185˚F)
  • Industry Leading 3 Year Warranty