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Renau Cloud – A Comprehensive Kitchen Monitoring & Management Software

In 2014, Renau Research & Development was established with the goal of developing software for monitoring and controlling Renau connected foodservice equipment. As the result of nearly a decade of development, we proudly introduce Renau Cloud. The flagship product of the Smart Kitchen System, Renau Cloud provides restaurant and commercial kitchen operators with a powerful software which helps automate product freshness tracking, temperature logging, staff management, and more. With built in HACCP software and endless customization options, Renau Cloud provides a complete system including all kitchen management tools needed by chains both big and small.

Temperature Monitoring & Logging

Make dumb equipment smart by adding the Sensor Module to your walk in cooler/freezer, prep table, reach in, or hot holding equipment! In short, providing you with a quicker and more economic route to connected smart equipment.

  • Automated Temperature Logging: Integrate the Sensor Module into your existing equipment and gain access to real time temperature logging, data export, and more. This historical data allows you to identify trends, perform preventative maintenance, and optimize equipment usage. Have complete confidence that your equipment is running at peak performance and food is kept at optimum temperatures.
  • Real-time Alerts: Be notified the moment temperatures stray outside the designated safe zone. This allows you or kitchen staff to swiftly adjust equipment settings or address any potential issues before food quality is affected.
  • Customizable Action Messages: Receive instant notifications via SMS or email if temperatures deviate from the pre-set safe zones. This allows you to take immediate corrective action before potential spoilage occurs. What’s more, when coupled with the Smart Kitchen System Hub kitchen staff are immediately alerted to potential issues. This allows them to take quick action without seeking managerial guidance.

Kitchen Management Software for Businesses Large & Small

With scalable tools, Renau Cloud helps manage commercial kitchen operations both large and small. Basic plan subscribers can get complete remote kitchen monitoring and management for as little as $20 a month. While those customers with more specialized needs can customize their plan to suit their goals.

Not Just Another Food Service Cloud: A Comprehensive Smart Kitchen System

As part of the Renau Smart Kitchen System, Renau Cloud is expandible way beyond simple temperature monitoring. This integrated platform offers a suite of tools to automate and elevate your kitchen operations, and optimize food safety.

By investing in the Smart Kitchen System, you gain access to:

  • Cook Time Tracking: Track all product cook times and provide easy to understand instructions for preparing all food items. Have confidence in food quality, consistency, and safety.
  • Food Expiration Tracking: Monitor the shelf life of your hot and cold ingredients and receive timely warnings before items reach their expiration, minimizing waste and ensuring food safety.
  • Equipment Performance Tracking: Monitoring for temperature and other parameters in refrigeration, food holding, and display equipment. Get full confidence that your kitchen equipment is always operating at peak performance.
  • Automate Labor Management: Provide time based task reminders to ensure processes are done timely, and correctly. In turn, empowering staff and freeing up managers to focus on more important items.
  • Kitchen Performance Analytics: Gain valuable insights into your kitchen operations, including energy consumption and equipment performance. These data-driven insights allow you to make informed decisions for cost-saving optimization.

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Features Include:
  • Customizable dashboards
  • Monitor Time, Temperature, & Humidity
  • Full HACCP system with logging & export
  • Programmable alerts sent by text or email
  • Accounts with various levels of access
  • Multiple monthly or yearly data plans available
  • Compatible with all Renau Smart Kitchen System products
  • And more!