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Temperature/Humidity Sensor

Renau SHS-100 Humidity and Temperature Sensor for foodservice equipment.

Humidity & Temperature Monitoring for Foodservice

Designed for foodservice equipment and commercial kitchen applications, the Renau SHS-100 is a compact and highly accurate humidity and temperature sensor. With modularity in mind, the SHS-100 can be used by operators as an off the shelf solution or it can be incorporated into a control system for foodservice equipment. When incorporated into an equipment design, the SHS-100 provides both humidity and temperature readings and control.


Interfacing with the Sensor Module, setup is easy and includes the ability to set conditional humidity and temperature alerts. Not only does this allow the Humidity Sensor to help ensure proper product storage, but also allows for use as a diagnostic tool for equipment. All of this data can be displayed on the Smart Kitchen System Hub and logged on Renau Cloud. Allowing for HACCP data to later be exported remotely when needed.


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Features Include:

  • Reads humidity & temperature
  • Local or remote user programmable alerts
  • Sensor Module, SKS Hub, & Renau Cloud compatible
  • Operating temperature: 0-100°C (32-212°F)
  • Fully encapsulated

Designed and Manufactured in the USA.