Product Smart Kitchen System

H-2268 Kitchen Manager & Monitor

Smart Kitchen System Hub 6.8" Display

The Renau H-2268 Smart Kitchen System Hub is both a commercial kitchen manager and monitor which displays your entire kitchen on one display.

The Renau Smart Kitchen System Hub provides commercial kitchen operators & staff with a full view of their kitchen on one display.


Including a wealth of functionality and display capabilities, the H-2268 Smart Kitchen System Hub helps reduce job complexity for staff by simplifying kitchen management, timing, training, food safety, and so much more.

Automate Kitchen Management

Kitchen managers are overwhelmed and overworked, while dependable and qualified staff are becoming increasingly more difficult to come by. To help alleviate this issue, the SKS Hub was designed to reduce the need for constant manager supervision. With clear and precise instructions supported in multiples languages displayed on the touchscreen, even inexperienced kitchen staff can now independently carry out tasks with confidence, minimizing the need for direct oversight. Furthermore, real time temperature monitoring empower staff to maintain optimal conditions and address issues without managerial intervention. With all this, restaurant operators can expect a more stress free kitchen with enhanced organization.

Task Reminders

Keep your staff organized and ensure they know exactly when and how to perform processes with customizable task alerts. Program numerous repeatable and time based alerts such as “wash hands” or “filter fryer”. Have confidence that processes are always attended to timely and accordingly.

Staff Training Device

Save time on employee training and help reduce mistakes with customizable Job Aids. Program up to 200 unique Job Aids such as build cards, equipment operating instructions, cleaning instructions, and troubleshooting. Never again waste time looking for instruction manuals or laminated build cards by digitizing your training and reference materials.

List view of a product build card on the Smart Kitchen Timer. Swipe view of a product build card on the Smart Kitchen Timer.

Job Aids allow staff to quickly access prep info for LTO’s and new products

A New Kind of Kitchen Display System

The SKS Hub instantly elevates existing food service equipment and provides commercial kitchen operators with a much quicker and more economic path to a connected kitchen. While new operators can save by purchasing entry level equipment and enhancing it with SKS products.

Track Equipment & Product Temperatures

Food Service Equipment Temperature & Humidity Monitoring

Compatible with both the Sensor Module and Mini Sensor, the SKS Hub is capable of displaying equipment temperatures. Users are provided numerous probe and sensor options to connect to their Sensor Module, allowing for integration with any piece of refrigeration or holding equipment. In similar fashion, the Mini Sensor can be used to monitor temperature in most refrigeration equipment including walk in coolers and freezers. With either module, users can add both local and remote temperature monitoring and be notified of potential food safety or equipment issues before they become disasters. Real time data provides valuable insights into your equipment’s performance, and helps identify trends like when preventative maintenance is required.

The Renau Smart Kitchen Hub displaying temperature and coffee freshness monitoring capabilities.

Internal Food Temperature Monitoring

By pairing a Wireless Food Probe with the SKS Hub, users can track internal product temperatures on both the display and Renau Cloud. Eliminate manual logging with pen and paper and ensure product is always cooked and held at the correct temperature, and for the proper length of time.

The Renau SKS Hub allows users to track both product cook and hold time and temperature.

Commercial Kitchen Timer

Cook Timer

Cook timers are a valuable tool for restaurants and commercial kitchens alike. They help maintain high levels of quality and consistency while lowering the risk of foodborne illness. With the ability to track the cooking time of multiple products throughout the kitchen, the SKS Hub outclasses both mechanical and digital channel timers. The SKS Hub especially excels with long recipes. Multiple programmable duty cycles provide staff with easy to understand step by step instructions for that perfect cook every time. Additionally, pairing a Wireless Food Probe brings the ability to track both cook time and temperature. Click here to learn more about the different types of cook timers, along with their benefits.

Dynamic UI.

Food Hold/Freshness Timer

Improper hot and cold food holding can result in poor product quality and also lead to food safety issues. The SKS Hub also acts as a food timer, helping reduce these risks while also eliminating the need to track hold times manually. What’s more, when paired with a Sensor Module or Wireless Food Probe, the SKS Hub gains the ability to monitor temperature as well! These products converge to ensure food is always held for the correct duration, and at the proper temperature. Track product freshness inside equipment such as a hot well, prep table, merchandiser, holding cabinet, and holding bin. Click here to learn more about the benefits of using a freshness timer.

SKS Hub Static UI with 3x3 Tile display representing hot and cold held items and equipment temperature.

Wireless Programming & Updates

Instead of programming on the device itself, users program and update their SKS Hub remotely through the Configuration Tool. Hosted on Renau Cloud, this Tool allows users to create an unlimited number of product/process timers, task reminders, alert messages, Job Aids, and more. The result is a Configuration File which can be uploaded to the SKS Hub manually with flash drive, or pushed wirelessly to Cloud connected units. The ability to perform remote updates to all Hubs in a matter of minutes translates to real cost savings. Users who switch from channel timers to the SKS Hub save an average of $250 on programming costs and an additional $150 in savings for subsequent program updates!

The SKS Hub is programmed using the intuitive Configuration Tool hosted on Renau Cloud.

Intuitive wireless programming using the Configuration Tool

Customizable Interface

The Smart Kitchen System Hub features a 6.8” touchscreen display with a Tile based interface. Users can create Tiles to represent food timers, kitchen equipment parameters, tasks, and more. This highly visual display transcends language barriers and provides staff with a simple and easy to use interface. With numerous layouts, interfaces, and mounting options to choose from, the SKS Hub easily adapts to any kitchen station.

SKS Hub Display with 2x2 Tile Interface.  Smart Kitchen System Hub display with 4x4 Tile Interface.

Designed for the Harsh Commercial Kitchen Environment

The Smart Kitchen System Hub is manufactured in the USA and was specifically designed to withstand the harsh commercial kitchen environment. It’s durable design features a high performance, food safe polymer construction and an optically bonded, glove safe Gorilla Glass touchscreen display. In addition, the SKS Hubs control board is fully encapsulated for superior protection against heat, humidity, and grease. This results in a quality, long lasting product which you can continuously depend on.

Exceptional Customer Support

Renau understands that adopting new technology can sometimes be frustrating and even scary. With our commitment to customers, we provide free onboarding to users both large and small. This helps ensure that each individual has a stress free experience and is able to get the very most out of their SKS Hub.


Ready to transform your kitchen operations with the Renau H-2268 Smart Kitchen System Hub? Elevate your kitchen management, streamline processes, and ensure the highest standards of quality and safety with the ultimate kitchen manager. To order, contact your local dealer or buy direct below! For high quantity orders, please click here and contact Renau to inquire.

Please contact sales@renau for quantity pricing.

Features Include:
  • Durable glove safe 6.8″ touchscreen
  • Program an unlimited number of Tiles!
  • Kitchen timer with cook, hold, & process timing
  • Compatible with all Renau SKS products
  • Customizable duty cycles & action messages
  • Standard icon library or upload your own
  • Food groups & dayparts
  • Remote programming & updates
  • Store up to 8 unique programs
  • Configurable task reminders
  • Connect up to 7 additional SKS Hubs
  • Bump completed timers between multiple stations
  • Mount in vertical or horizontal orientation
  • Programmable Job Aids
  • Multi-language support
  • Food safe polymer design
  • 1 year warranty with optional extended 3 year warranty
  • IP65 rated