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Commercial Kitchen Timer

6.8" Smart Kitchen Timer

The Renau Smart Kitchen Timer is a modern take on the traditional commercial kitchen timer. Use as a cook, hold, or process timer and simultaneously track up to 100 items.

The New Industry Standard Commercial Kitchen Timer

With a bright and easy to read 6.8″ touchscreen display, the Renau T-2268 Smart Kitchen Timer is a much needed evolution of the outdated channel based commercial kitchen timers. Use as a cooking, food freshness, or process timer and track up to 96 timers simultaneously.


The Smart Kitchen Timer or “SKT” features a glove safe, touchscreen display which utilizes intuitive Tiles instead of old fashioned product channels. Users can program up to 96 Tiles corresponding to cook, hold, or process timers. With modularity in mind, the SKT provides numerous screen layout options to choose from and up to 6 pages to swipe through. This allows operators with even the largest menus to track all cook or hold times for products and ingredients.

Cooking Timer

Elevate existing equipment and simultaneously track multiple cook timers for the fryer, griddle, oven, and stove top.

Food Hold/Freshness Timer

Track product freshness in both hot and cold holding equipment such as a serving line, merchandiser, holding cabinet, and prep table. Save both time and resources by eliminating the need to manually track hold times using pen and paper.

Quick USB Preprogramming

Save both time and money on programming with intuitive USB programming. With the ability to quickly and easily take an existing program and load it on to multiple other SKTs, users who switch from channel timers can save on average $150 on programming!


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Designed for the Harsh Commercial Kitchen Environment

The Smart Kitchen Timer is designed and manufactured in the USA and features an optically bonded, Gorilla Glass touchscreen display. As with all Renau products, the SKT’s control board is fully encapsulated for superior protection against heat, humidity, and grease. The result being a quality, long lasting product which you can continuously depend on.


Elevate your food service operation’s food quality, consistency, and safety with the Smart Kitchen Timer. Click here to contact Renau to inquire today!

Features Include:

  • Durable glove safe 6.8″ touchscreen
  • Quick, on screen programming
  • Optional USB preprogramming
  • Cook, hold, or process timing
  • Various layouts available
  • Up to 6 pages
  • No Tile limit
  • Loud buzzer
  • IP65 rated design

Proudly designed and manufactured in the USA.