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6.8" Smart Kitchen Timer

Renau t-2268 Smart Kitchen Timer SKT Commercial Kitchen Foodservice Timer Monitor

The Kitchen Timer of the Future Has Arrived…

Break free from the limits of traditional channel based timers! Renau’s T-2268 Smart Kitchen Timer features a glove safe, 6.8” touchscreen display which utilizes “tiles” instead of the traditional product channels. Operators can program up to 1,000 of these tiles; each containing a unique icon, description, timer, duty cycle(s), and action message(s).


This level of customization essentially makes the SKT an all-in-one kitchen timer with the ability for a single unit to handle every single timed event, process, and task in the commercial kitchen. It adapts to any station and is capable of performing multiple functions such as a cook timer at the griddle and/or fryer. A hold/freshness timer at the hot/cold bar or holding cabinet. It can even be used it as a front of house timer to remind disorganized employees to wash their hands every hour, or to make sure the coffee is still fresh. Operators can even save time on employee training with user programmable Job Aids that take build cards digital.


The SKT features 2 different UI styles, one for “Cook Mode,” and another for “Hold Mode.” With modularity in mind, the SKT is also configurable in either horizontal or vertical orientation. This versatility allows for quick and easy mounting virtually anywhere in the kitchen. These areas include the grill, retherm station, fryer, hot/cold holding bins, prep table and drive through window.


Smart Kitchen Timer SKT Cook Mode Smart Kitchen Timer SKT Hold Freshness Mode

                 Cook Mode                                                                                                             Hold Mode



As a brand new kitchen timer concept, the SKT also revolutionizes the way configuration and program updates are made. Instead of programming on the device itself, users connect their SKT to the powerful Configuration Tool. From there the only limitation is the imagination. Users can create nearly an endless number of product/process timers, task reminders, alerts messages, Groups, Job Aids, and more. Need to program more than one device? No problem! Simply create a master Configuration File containing all of your programming and upload it to any additional SKT’s.


Smart Kitchen Timer SKT Configuration Tool Item Creation Screen

The power of customization comes from wireless programming using the intuitive Configuration Tool.


Smart Kitchen Timer SKT Configuration Tool Mock Screen Item Population

Customize your display and arrange tiles as you see fit


As part of the Smart Kitchen System line of products, the Smart Kitchen Timer provides full compatibility with our Wireless Sensor Modules and various Probes and Sensors. Adding temperature monitoring to equipment such as walk-ins or food holding equipment not only increases product freshness, but also provides kitchen operators with valuable information on equipment health. This in turn, provides ample warning when preventative maintenance may be necessary.


Smart Kitchen Timer SKT Hold Freshness Mode

Effortlessly pair up to 64 Wireless Sensor Modules per SKT.


Renau’s Smart Kitchen Timer provides a much needed alternative to the big, expensive, and low function channel based timers that have become so common in the kitchen. The SKT helps foodservice operators reduce waste, cut costs, increase quality, maintain food safety, boost efficiency, and improve customer satisfaction.


Ready to see how the Smart Kitchen Timer can help your restaurant or commercial kitchen? Call 818-530-3144 or email to get started today!


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Features Include:

  • Durable and glove safe 6.8″ touchscreen
  • Program up to 1,000 unique items
  • Compatible with Renau’s Wireless Sensor Modules
  • Multi-language support
  • Wireless programming with the intuitive Configuration Tool
  • Customizable duty cycles and action messages
  • Configurable task reminders
  • Extensive library of icons with the ability to upload your own
  • Transfer completed items between multiple stations
  • Customizable groups and dayparts
  • Configurable in vertical and horizontal orientation
  • Programmable Job Aids
  • Connect up to 7 additional SKTs
  • And much more!


SKT Instructional Videos