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6.8" Smart Kitchen Timer

The Kitchen Timer of the Future Has Arrived

Renau’s T-2468 6.8” touchscreen cook/hold Smart Kitchen Timer gives foodservice operators total oversight of their operations while guaranteeing freshness and consistency to their customers.



The Smart Kitchen Timer features a durable 1280×480 display along with an incredibly fast quad-core ARM Cortex A-7 microprocessor. As a result, the SKT offers superior display capabilities when compared to our competitors. Configurable in either horizontal or vertical orientation, the SKT is an extremely versatile foodservice timer which can be mounted and used in many different areas of the kitchen. These areas include the grill, retherm station, fryer, hot/cold holding bins and prep table. What’s more, the SKT can even be used for front of house tasks! Stay on top of your employees and improve efficiency with reminders such as “clean griddle” or “mop floors.” Mounting the unit is simple by using the included bracket, or embed the SKT within any prefabricated prep or assembly stations.


SKT Configuration Tool Screen Population

Arrange your items on the display as you see fit


Each screen displays 9 items in horizontal orientation, and up to 8 in vertical orientation with up to 50 programmable items total per unit. Use the timer as a standalone or connect up to 7 additional units for added functionality such as the ability to transfer items from a cook timer to a hold timer. Chiefly, with the ability to wirelessly program the SKT through PC or laptop the customization, adaptability, and value provided are unrivaled.


SKT Configuration Tool Items Screen

Wireless programming through Renau’s powerful Configuration Tool


Looking to monitor temperature or humidity as well? Pair a Gateway and up to 20 Wireless Sensor Modules for the ultimate freshness timer! Furthermore, when connected to the Renau Cloud the SKT interfaces with our Smart Kitchen System allowing it to be monitored and programmed remotely from anywhere in the world with a Wi-Fi connection!


SKT Config Tool Sensor Screen

Effortlessly pair up to 20 Wireless Sensor Modules through NFC.


Are you ready to start building your very own connected kitchen? Our sleek 6.8″ Smart Kitchen Timer provides a much needed alternative to the big, unruly, and expensive eyesores that have become so common in the kitchen. Bring your kitchen into the future with Renau’s T-2468 Smart Kitchen Timer!


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Features Include:

  • Durable and glove safe 6.8″ touch screen
  • Compatible with Renau’s Wireless Sensor Modules
  • Multi-language support
  • Wireless programming with the intuitive Configuration Tool
  • Customizable duty cycles and action messages
  • Configurable task reminders
  • Extensive library of icons with the ability to upload your own
  • Transfer completed items between multiple stations
  • Customizable groups and dayparts
  • Configurable in vertical and horizontal orientation
  • Programmable job aids
  • Connect up to 7 additional SKTs
  • And much more!


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SKT Datasheet


SKT Instruction Manual