Product Smart Kitchen System

Wireless Food Probe

Self Charging

The Renau WFT-1000 self charging meat and food probe is perfect for tracking internal temperatures across multiple pieces of equipment.

First Self Charging Wireless Food Probe

Introducing the revolutionary Renau WFT-1000 Wireless Meat and Food Probe. Utilizing innovative self charging technology, the WFT-1000 gives commercial kitchen operators the ability to track cooked and held food temperatures without the hassle of batteries or charging docks.

Track Food Cook Time & Temperature

When coupled with the Smart Kitchen System Hub, the Wireless Food Probe can track both the cook time and temperature of food. The vibrant touchscreen on the SKS Hub provides kitchen staff with easy to understand cook instructions, and alerts once the cooking process is complete or if proper temperature could not be reached. What’s more, the Wireless Food Probe provides users with both internal and ambient temperatures. This makes it especially useful for dialing in proper equipment temperatures. With the WFT-1000, always get the perfect cook for meats and other foods in the oven, smoker or BBQ.

Tracking Food Hold Time & Temperature

Continuously track product freshness in a holding cabinet, merchandiser, hot well and more with the WFP-1000. Provide both local alerts for staff and remote SMS or email alerts if product temperatures enter the danger zone. With data logging on Renau Cloud you can elevate both food quality and safety while eliminating the need for manual temperature checks or logging.

Automate Temperature & HACCP Logging

Automatically log temperature on the Renau Cloud platform and view data in real time, or export later. Renau’s data logging features empower operators to make data driven decisions that drive operational efficiency and maximize profitability. By analyzing temperature trends and usage patterns, operators can identify opportunities for improvement, fine tune their processes, and minimize operational inefficiencies. This proactive approach not only enhances the bottom line but also enhances the overall sustainability of the kitchen operation.

How Does it Work?

The Wireless Food Probe utilizes patented Renau self charging technology which allows it to charge itself when ambient temperature is higher than internal product temperature. As long as there is a 50°F temperature difference, the Probe will continue to operate and transmit data indefinitely. Probe connectivity is provided by Bluetooth, giving you up to 50 feet of range from your SKS Hub.


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Features Include:

  • 3.2″ probe length
  • Self charging at 50°F temperature difference
  • Max operating temperature: 200°F internal/450°F ambient
  • Food grade stainless steel & ceramic design
  • Compatible with SKS Hub & Renau Cloud
  • Works in both hot & cold applications
  • Up to 6 month battery life in storage
  • Local & remote monitoring/alerts
  • 50 ft. range with Bluetooth
  • eHACCP logging

Designed and manufactured in the USA.