Since being established in 1981, Renau Electronic Laboratories has always focused on being the premier full-service design and manufacturing facility specializing in electronic microprocessor controller applications, research, development, and custom requirements.

At Renau, the design and engineering process includes the hardware and software development essential to produce state-of-the-art, high end products. With our help, complex and expensive assembly jobs become simple and affordable modular systems designed specifically not only to meet and exceed the requirements of our customers but also to give them a decisive edge over their competition. Regardless of whether your idea is new or an improvement on existing concepts, we will work with you to design a unique control solution that’s perfect for your needs. We bring not only innovation to the table, but Renau’s excellent reputation for reliability and quality.


  • Design custom control products and systems.
  • Carefully analyze every requirement to determine the best solution for our customer’s needs.
  • Utilize both the latest technology and components with unrivaled quality.
  • Offer products with unprecedented levels of user friendliness, durability, efficiency, quality, and cost effectiveness.
  • Deliver final products that meets or exceed all requirements.

As an ISO 9001:2015 certified company with 40 years of experience, you can rest assured that all of Renau’s processes are designed to consistently deliver superior, quality products every time.