Aerospace and Defense


Since our establishment in 1981, Renau Corporation has been actively engaged in the design and production of military procurements. Over the years, we have built a strong reputation with the Department of Defense (DoD), U.S. Air Force, Army, Navy, and FAA.

As an approved supplier for over 50 different military items, Renau supports and supplies the DoD with urgent military needs such as voltage regulator units, cable kit assemblies, circuit card assemblies, and tray assemblies.

Renau is a recipient of a Best Value Gold Medal by the Department of Defense’s Defense Supply Agency.


We are the sole manufacturer for many of our military products. Renau’s outstanding quality control has earned us a 100% on-time delivery rating with 0% deficient returns. In June 2006, Renau was honored with a Best Value Gold Medal by the Department of Defense’s Defense Supply Agency as recognition for our perfect on-time delivery and quality.


Renau is also one of very few companies that have been honored with the Alternate Release Procedure (ARP) from the Defense Contract Management Agency as recognition for outstanding quality.


Renau awarded gold medal by Department of Defense



6110-01-163-8496 22000 / 848986 VR115/4 Voltage Regulator
6130-01-078-1850 200408 200408 Circuit Card Assy.
6110-01-264-9679 849008 849008 Voltage Regulator
6110-01-100-7637 8126307 500493 Circuit Card Assy.
6110-01-100-7638 8126308 50B1001B Circuit Card Assy.
6115-01-101-0051 8126491 500491 Voltage Board
6115-01-101-0052 8126492 500492 Circuit Card Assy.
6115-01-101-0053 8126529 8126529 Tray Assy.
5825-01-182-7310 105352G1 105352G1 CPU ASSY
5840-00-837-4268 2018291-0502 2018291-0502 Circuit Card Assy.
5998-01-257-5486 2073-3797 70A3797A Circuit Card Assy.
4920-01-102-0115 388318A-2 388318A-2 TEST BOX
6110-01-206-9877 3S2060DR113C2 3S2060DR113C2 Regulator Voltage
6110-00-442-7480 44C355038G1 44C355038G1 Circuit Card Assy.
6110-00-455-3426 44C355041G2 44C355041G2 Circuit Card Assy.
6110-00-442-7483 44C355042G1 44C355042G1 Circuit Card Assy.
6110-00-442-7487 44C355045G1 44C355045G1 Circuit Card Assy.
6110-00-442-7488 44C355046G2 44C355046G2 Circuit Card Assy.
6110-00-442-7489 44C355047G1 44C355047G1 Circuit Card Assy.
6110-00-442-7490 44C355066G1 44C355066G1 Circuit Card Assy.
5998-00-485-8879 8004213G1 8004213G1 Circuit Card Assy.
5998-00-485-8880 8004214G1 8004214G1 Circuit Card Assy.
5820-00-485-8881 8804216G1 8004216G1 Circuit Card Assy.
5998-00-485-8884 8804216G1 8004219G1 Circuit Card Assy.
5820-00-491-4046 8804224G1 8004224G1 QUADRUPLER
5820-00-411-1472 8004225G1 8004225G1 DUBLER
5820-00-494-8816 8004227G1 8004227G1 Circuit Card Assy.
6130-00-222-3907 8004245G1 8004245G1 .Power Supply
5998-00-460-5111 8004355G1 8004355G1 Circuit Card Assy
6110-00-494-2857 8004531G1 8004531G1 HEAT SINK ASSY.
5820-01-042-9205 8006149G1 8006149G1 CABLE KIT
5820-01-121-3825 8009571G1 8009571G1 Circuit Card Assy.
5820-00-401-8063 8116765G1 8116765G1 Amplifier Buffer
5820-01-185-7632 8136950G1 8136950G1 Circuit Card Assy.
5999-01-101-5003 CU673C7 65A6737A CONTROL.UNIT