About Renau


Renau Corporation was established in 1981 by Polish immigrant and inventor Karol Renau. Operating out of a small office in Canoga Park, California, Renau provided electronic component design, development, and manufacturing services primarily for military applications. Through the Department of Defense’s “Breakout Program”, Renau established itself as a valuable and dependable supplier that offered taxpayers savings while making fighter jets more reliable.  Renau quickly gained a reputation for excellent quality and on-time delivery as it supplied over 50 unique National Stock Number (NSN) items, including many Critical Application items for which Renau is the sole source.


Despite proving very capable in this area, aerospace epitomizes the phrase “feast or famine”, and Renau further diversified its product line.  By 1988 Renau began manufacturing computers and flow meters.  What began as a sensor discussion with one of the top global commercial beverage OEMs led to the 1996 release of the Advanced Digital System, a revolutionary coffee brewer which was the first to use fully digital controls. This design began Renau’s long track record of innovative and reliable control systems for foodservice equipment. Over the years, Renau learned that the commercial kitchen environment is more demanding and harsher than any of the environments the aerospace products faced. With that in mind, Renau took the best practices from automotive and medical device manufacturing, including 100% functional testing, fully encapsulated enclosures, along with comprehensive design validation and verification processes.


Today, Renau Corporation is the premier provider of custom control design, development, and manufacturing services for the foodservice industry. With an ISO Certified 30,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Chatsworth California, Renau provides equipment manufacturers and commercial kitchen operators with unique and complete solutions that ensure food safety, minimize food waste, simplify training, and optimize both operator profitability and customer experience.











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