As a commercial original equipment manufacturer (OEM), Renau Electronic Laboratories holds numerous exclusive worldwide rights and patents. Not only have we been recognized as an industry leader, but we have also proven our commitment by achieving ISO 9001:2000 certification in 2008 and our current registration to the ISO 9001:2015 standard.

Sourcing the world for the best quality parts at the best price enables us to have a cost-effective value chain, making us sought out the world over for our quality products and affordable prices. We supply various custom-designed controllers and monitoring systems for water purification, industrial fryers and ovens, vending machines, coffee/cappuccino machines, commercial refrigeration and countless other industrial applications.

At Renau, we have a zero defects policy, fully-automated production, rigorous quality control, and guaranteed quantities. On top of that, we have numerous commercial products that can each be specially tailored to meet your specific requirements.


  • First article prototypes
  • Computerized reliability tests
  • Fully-automated manufacturing lines
  • Multiple inspection points during production
  • In-house design, production, testing, and storage facilities
  • Full compliance with UL and NSF standards

Our goal is to help your company expand for the future with the very latest control technology that meets all your requirements now, and can easily be expanded to meet any future requirements the moment they appear. That’s potential realized.