Renau Awarded United States Patent 6,816,670 for Fluid Heat Exchanging System and Method

Renau has been awarded United States Patent # 6,816,670. This patent is for a system and method of exchanging heat with a fluid. For heating the fluid, the system includes a heat exchanger for exchanging heat with a fluid so as to heat the fluid, adapted to store heat energy, and to enable heat energy to be exchanged with the fluid to heat the fluid. The heat exchanger enables the fluid to rapidly attain and maintain a stable heated fluid temperature, and a stable fluid dispensing temperature. The system further includes a fluid inlet, for enabling the fluid to flow into the heat exchanger, and a fluid outlet, for enabling the heated fluid to flow out of the heat exchanger. The heat exchanger has a channel therein, adapted to enable the fluid to flow thereinto and therefrom, and to enable the fluid to be retained therein for efficient and effective heating of the fluid.