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Wireless Kitchen Monitoring Software

Renau Cloud Smart Kitchen System SKS Foodservice

In 2014 Renau Research & Development was established with the goal of developing software aimed at monitoring and controlling Renau wireless enabled foodservice equipment. As the result of nearly a decade of development, we proudly introduce Renau Cloud.




The flagship product of the Smart Kitchen System, Renau Cloud provides commercial kitchen operators a unifying solution where all Renau wireless enabled equipment and devices can be viewed in a single interface. Whether it’s a Renau connected blast chiller or a Wireless Sensor Module inside a walk-in cooler, the Cloud is capable of accommodating even the most expansive kitchen environments.


Renau wireless enabled equipment integrates seamlessly with the Cloud and allows for remote monitoring, programming and control, as well as data logging, diagnostics, and alerts. Operators with non-compatible equipment can still take advantage of Renau Cloud by incorporating products from the Smart Kitchen System into their equipment or kitchen.


Renau Cloud Dashboard

Fully customizable dashboard displays important parameters, and equipment status.


Designed to address multiple needs, Renau Cloud is multi-functional with the ability to not only monitor, but manage as well. Multi-unit operators can create unique dashboards for each of their locations and create accounts for all personnel associated with those locations.


Renau Cloud Accounts Tab

Create and manage store locations and user accounts with various levels of access


One of the largest contributors to a restaurant’s success is high equipment performance. As with all things, sometimes equipment and components fail. One of the main purposes of the Renau Cloud is to prevent potential disasters by providing valuable alerts on equipment status. With the ability to create multiple conditional alerts for each module or device, operators gain valuable insight into their equipment’s performance, and can even be notified when preventative maintenance may be necessary.


Renau Cloud Alert Creation

User programmable SMS or email alerts can be sent to multiple individuals


Considering connected equipment but concerned with cost and ease of use? Connect smarter with Renau’s Smart Kitchen System. Call 818-530-3144 or email to get started today.


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Features Include:

  • Customizable dashboards for each location
  • HACCP logging and data export
  • User programmable alerts sent by text or email
  • Compatible with all Renau wireless enabled devices
  • Accounts with various levels of access
  • Multiple monthly data plans available